The House at Royal Oak by Carol Eron Rizzoli

The House at Royal Oak
by Carol Eron Rizzoli

One of “the season’s best travel books...the kind of domestic travelogue that demonstrates the wisdom of the lines from Emily Dickinson that Rizzoli has chosen for her epigraph: Eden is that old-fashioned house we dwell in every day.” –New York Times Book Review

“The appeal of this genre is profound: it hits the sweet spot—the intersection of our collective passion for real estate and our national belief in the power of reinvention.” –Wall Street Journal

“Engaging. . .bracing.” –AARP Magazine

“Beautifully and thoughtfully told.” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Warm and inviting. . .Rizzoli writes honestly about the self-doubt, the joys, and the frustrations of reinventing oneself at midlife.” –Post and Courier, Charleston

“Fascinating. . .part of the charm of the book is the homey details, such as how to develop menus that look to regional and traditional foods that will entice guests. . .and [it’s] very honest about the pressures of transition to life in a new locale.” –WSDL, Public Radio


“The author is really good at describing country towns, so much so that it makes me want to visit one. She also makes rebuilding a broken-down old house sound like fun...It's a good balance between realism and idealization.

She's a charming writer! She's fluffy about nature and art and local history, but she's realistic about the struggles one goes through while building up a new business. I never ever want to start my own B&B, but she made it fun to think about that possibility.

I really enjoyed this book! It's a nice little memoir about moving in the second phase of your life, of taking chances and trying something new.” –Anastasia, Here There Be Books (; accessed 24 January 2015)

“I just wanted to tell you that I read your book last night in one sitting! Ended up staying up till 3 am. It was wonderful.”  –Nancy in Baltimore

“Really enjoyed this book. . . elegantly written, real, touching, and yet also extremely informative about the realities of starting and maintaining a B & B.”  –Rebecca

“I’ve just purchased my twelfth copy of The House at Royal Oak. . . I did not want to put this book down and am giving copies to all my friends.” –Mary F.

“Found the writing quality and manner of expression to be top-drawer. . . I didn’t want the book to end.”  –Jim C.

“So beautifully written, so charming, so incredibly wise. I just loved it!”  –Jean R.

“It’s wonderful, beautifully written, funny, inspiring, and frightening. . . "Thank you so much for giving us the story of your adventures.” –Doug

“What a thoroughly enjoyable read.” –Sandy

“This was such a surprising and fun book to read. There were some really great and emotional moments and the story was fun to dive into. It is beautifully written and after a while you forget that you are not reading about your own life. I kept finding myself wanting to pick it up throughout the day. . . A refreshingly honest look at a marriage that weathered many storms: financial woes, health problems. . . and adventure that is inspirational as well as a testimony that the‘can do’ spirit is alive and well.”  –ktenn

“Great book to settle down with and really get into. . . very worthwhile read.”  –Janey W.

“I greatly enjoyed your book! And the cloud muffins turned out to be very delicious. . . light and buttery and the chunks of blackberry added great texture. . . I loved your book because it appeals to the part of me that resists the idea of settling into any one path or career or lifestyle or location. . . it spoke to the idea of the only constant being change and the rewards of continually challenging oneself and taking risks! It was very empowering to me. . .”  –Nadine K.

“I just finished reading The House at Royal Oak. I feel the same way Helen Chappell felt when she said, ‘I didn’t want this book to end.’ It is so moving. I am going to read it again. I feel like I’ve peered into Carol’s beautiful soul and was there in the house.  I just loved every moment of the book. Truly. Tomorrow I’m going to buy several more copies.”  –Mary Beth McD.

“Have to say it as been a long time since a book other than a cookbook has kept my interest. . . last night I had to make myself put down the book and get some sleep. . . It is giving me a lot of encouragement to follow my heart and find the way to start living my life. . .”  –Nancy F.

“Really wonderful, fast-moving, engrossing to read, entertaining. I love all the stuff about the people in and around Royal Oak, the local way of doing things. Way to go! FABULOUS!  –Linda H.

“I read that book of yours! I LOVED it and am another reader who wished it did not end. You must write a sequel!  –Carey M.-Z.



The Artist's Table by Carol Eron

The Artist's Table
by Carol Eron

“One of the year’s most beautiful cookbooks . . .the illustrations are as mouth-watering as the recipes.” –Washington Post

“Superb . . . a gorgeous book.” –WETA Public Radio

“A sublime aesthetic . . .” –Smithsonian Institution




The Nine-ton Cat ed. Carol Eron

The Nine-ton Cat
ed. Carol Eron

“Exciting, well-written, and informative. ” –Kirkus Reviews

“This intriguing look at the intracacies of an art museum delivers dozens of fascinating facts about the hidden world behind the impressive façade of the National Gallery of Art. . .” –Horn Book Magazine

“An irresistible armchair journey...” –Booklist

“Fascinating” –School Library Journal

“Absorbing…” –Los Angeles Times


The Virus That Ate Cannibals by Carol Eron

The Virus That Ate Cannibals
by Carol Eron

“Fascinating…a refreshing sense of wonder pervades the book.” –Discover Magazine

“Entertaining and meticulously researched.” –Journal of the American Medical Association

“Very interesting. . .” –Boston Globe

“Six sprightly you-are-there accounts of science laboring to defeat viral diseases.” –Kirkus Reviews